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Baffy vs Jekinsh


Baffy vs Jekinsh

Brace yourselves, because an exclusive Gaming Rocks show-match is coming to an online broadcast near you! This Friday, Feb 23rd (3pm CET) will see two of our streaming Army go head to head in an all-out brawl for glory, bragging rights and a position in Gaming Rock’s history. Streamers Miss Baffy and Jekinsh, much loved by the team here at Gaming Rocks, will each be building a custom team from their viewers to clash in an apocalyptic best-of-FIVE match!

This is the first of many Gaming Rocks events that will see the whole community pitch together and enjoy a great competitive night. There’ll be laughter, tears, Bronze-mistakes and classic outplays… and that’s just Jekinsh’s first jungle clear! Make sure to apply on his /LOOKINGFOR (/LF) page if you’d like to join this hunting party from the Wolfpack, or if you’re a fan of Ella’s MLG gameplay, drop by her /LF page to make sure her team aren’t caught piggy-in-the-middle!

If you think you have what it takes, make sure you have a Gaming Rocks account and head on over to the /LF page in the Menu Bar to sign up and take part. Could you carry one of your favourite streamers to victory? Eternal glory aside, you could bag yourself a $25 RP card if you’re on the winning team. Maybe pick up that ultimate skin you’ve been eyeing up, or this could be your chance to farm that last coveted Gemstone? The /LF sign-up page above has all the information you’ll need to apply and ensure you’re in the running to take part.

Gaming Rocks wants to get everyone involved, not just the players. Make sure to get yourself into Miss Baffy/Jekinsh’s Twitch chat-rooms and enjoy the show. Tickets have already sold out (there weren’t any…), but there’s an exclusive slot for Rock’s members! So whether you didn’t get a place on the team or don’t fancy the pressure of going live on the big screen, we have you covered. We’ll be there cheering the teams on and making sure it’s a clean fight, or just providing moral support!

As a viewer, you still have a chance at bagging yourself a cheeky prize! If you join us live on Friday, there will be a chance to access even more giveaways, exclusively for viewers. Tune in to laugh or cry along with Baffy or Jekinsh as one of them leads their team to victory!



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