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GR V1.10 is now live!

Patch Notes

GR V1.10 is now live!

New Features

  • News: Accessible through the header area, members can now browse the newly added ‘News’ section to read about our features, events, giveaways and future plans and also learn about all things gaming—but mainly about League of Legends.
  • Gaming Rocks Version: To keep track of our development, we decided to show the site’s version. It now shows up on top of the page, right next to our logo.
  • Crew: Gaming Rocks staff will now have a red ring around their Avatar.
  • Friend(s) Request Notification: has been added to the header area and members now can accept/reject their request from the header pop-up.
  • Games: Riot API – Upon adding your League of Legends game entry, but choosing your region and providing your Summoner Name, GR will automatically read your League Tier and Division data and will keep it updated.
  • Live Chat: you can now send and receive messages to other members of the site online.


  • Army Page: Layout has been realigned.
  • Profile: Streamers’ Avatar ring’s color changed from red to the more appropriate purple.
  • Profile: Updated Traits’ icons.
  • /LookingFor: Layout of ads have been redesigned to show the information in more appealing order.
  • /LookingFor: /LF Type will now show up on ads.
  • /LookingFor: Playmate Type will now show up on ads.
  • /LookingFor: Role will now show up on ads.
  • /LookingFor: League Tier will now show up on ads.
  • /LookingFor: Seeking Team info will now show up on ads.
  • /LookingFor: Recruitment info will now show up on ads.
  • /LookingFor: Coaching Services info will now show up on ads.
  • /LookingFor: Poster’s Game information will now appear on the ad page.
  • /LookingFor: Approved Applicants’ information will now appear on the ad page.
  • /LookingFor: ‘Apply’ button now shows the status of application by changing to ‘Pending’ upon applying then to ‘Accepted’ or ‘Rejected’ based on the poster’s decision.
  • Network: Friends lists and requests now show proper information.
  • Network: Searching for members is now located to the top of the Network tab.
  • Network: ‘Friend’ and ‘Follow’ button functions have been improved. Friend button changes to ‘Pending’ while waiting for approval, would reverse back if request gets denied.
  • Games: Updated League of Legends champion artworks.
  • Games: League of Legends page has been redesigned.
  • Dashboard: ‘Your /LF Applications’ block now shows the status of your outgoing applications and the ads information.
  • Dashboard: Accepted/Rejected applications will remain on ‘Your /LF Applications’ block unless removed by the member.
  • Dashboard: Applicant’s Avatar, nickname, accountname, game entry, additional information, and contact will show under ‘/LF Applications Received’.
  • Forums: Changed ‘Insightful’ reaction to ‘Brilliant’.
  • General: Contact us, Community Guidelines, Privacy and Policy, Terms and Conditions pages are redesigned.


  • Fixed the issues of auto-refreshing Profile\Wall and Dashboard\News Feed pages.
  • Army Page: Streamers’ empty fields will now show the appropriate information.
  • Fixed the issue of Avatar images not displaying properly by random.
  • Fixed the random malfunction of applying to /LF ads.
  • Dashboard: Empty blocks now show the appropriate message.
  • Dashboard: Fixed settings not loading up properly.
  • Dashboard: Fixed dashboard page width.
  • /LookingFor: Header design fixed.
  • Forums: Header design fixed.
  • Forums: Sticky posts will now always show on top of all lists.
  • Forums: Reaction counter is fixed and will show the accurate number of reactions received.
  • Forums: View post design fixed.
  • Forums: Changed ‘Save’ button to ‘Publish’.
  • Forums: Poster’s area now shows the appropriate information.
  • Forums: Fixed tags.
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