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At a glance

Use our elaborate global /LookingFor tool to find people with similar mindset and style to play with, a proper raiding guide matching your schedule, or find a new member for your team.

Add Friends

Keep your real life separate from your virtual life. Not only you can maintain your current gaming contacts, but also you can track your old buddies as well.

Power Ups

Like most games, you need to level up to unlock more abilities and features on GR as well. Participate in activities, make posts, guides, add games, and make your profile stand to gain more experience points!

Gain Karma

By doing positive activities; may them be writing a review, a guide, or showing positive attitude in your favorite game, gain karma points which you can use to unlock more features of the site or even gain real rewards.

Share scores

What good are achievements if no one ever learns about them? Well, if you are not a monk, then you'd love this platform we have provided for you to showcase your achievements and trophies.